Pregnancy is the most blessed phase for any woman in the world. You plan a lot of things for the phase and for the next to come. During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes which you never experienced before. This is because of the change in hormones at a great level and you feel low, dull and weak. You do not feel like eating sometimes, especially during the first trimester and things are worse at that time. Nausea and vomiting are the common things which you experience in the initial phase of pregnancy. A lot of mood swings you face which make you feel horrible from inside. The best idea to feel good in this situation is to dress well. There are many maternity dress patterns which you can try and feel good.

It has been scientifically proven that if you dress well, it makes you feel confident about yourself, makes you feel positive and you feel good and beautiful. Therefore, it is suggested that you should wear good dresses and keep yourself groomed. It will make you feel better about yourself. Being at home, you can wear your casual clothes in the initial phase as the bump is very small. But as it grows, you need to switch to maternity clothes which are either loose fit or stretchable and comfortable to wear during pregnancy. 

There are many occasions which come during your pregnancy phase and many ladies are tense thinking about the dresses to wear. But nothing to worry! Thanks to many known maternity brands which are available in the market with a wide range of maternity clothes with many maternity dress patterns which you can try out. You should avoid wearing very high heels during this phase. However, you can go with tiny heels and shoes which look cute with many dresses. For office use, you can wear high waist comfortable skirts with shirts or formal maternity dresses. High waist skirt can be secured with a nice thin belt which gives you a stylish look. For parties, you can wear any one piece maternity dress which embraces your cute bump or you can wear a shrug over it for a more covered look, if you want. You can even try a high waist knee length skirt with a knotted shirt or top with shoes. It looks super comfortable and super stylish. So you should try different maternity dress patterns to look stylish. Mix and match your clothes for a different look every time.